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The following notes of praise are written by our clients who wanted to share their experiences working with our qualities of integrity, creativity and passion to deliver a solution for their business. 

Siobhan O'Malley, Owner of CORevolution Fitness

"We are a new fitness boutique and coming from the tech industry in sales, have had little experience creating a web site. I have worked with all kinds of designers and appreciated Celine’s guidance and expertise on what makes the most stunning visual message that leads people to act. We appreciate how easy and quick it is to work with Celine and her team. Creating a great web user experience and managing the ideas of the client are in Celine’s viscera.

Her team is truly professional who go the distance that is needed to handle the varied needs of clients. We are in the San Francisco Bay Area, things worked seamlessly with regard to us communicating and working remotely. We’re very pleased with website’s first impression, it’s flair and effect. We highly recommend Celine Kir Creative to others and we look forward to working with the team again on future projects."

Anthony Bewlz, Actor/Model

"My experience working with Celine to build my website could not have been any better.


Celine did an incredible job combining her perceptive, listening, and creative skills to produce a uniquely stylized website that I sincerely feel is a true extension of myself, and that I am proud to market myself with."

Shane N., Owner of Yorkville's Ebillion

"Celine had a great vision of her own when she started the website; she took my ideas and turned them into something extrodinary. She worked in a very professional and timely manner.


Being situated in Yorkville, a high-end website design was needed that reflected the luxury of our store. The end result was better than I ever expected. I plan to work with her in the future on other business ventures."

"Celine did an amazing job of making my vision come to life! Finding a web designer is challenging as there are many options. I was extremely fortunate to find Celine to create an online brand for my business. 


Since the website got launched, I noticed a spike in the amount of emails and inquiries for new clients. My weekends are now always booked and I couldn't be happier!


Celine carefully listens and gives thoughtful advice to Clients which made working with her enjoyable. I am so proud to have a website that looks the way she designed mine. You're awesome! Thank you, I'm in love with my website!"

Nirvana C., Owner of Nirvana C Photography


"My company needed a creative marketing website that provides useful information while being user friendly, interactive, and functional. Celine did an incredible job on design and continues to provide reliable support servicesI am very pleased with the site, and receive compliments on a regular basis


Celine pays very close attention to detail and took the time to make sure that all of the work that she did for me was complete and to my liking. I personally feel that her level of expertise far exceeds the service that I requested from her. I would definitely recommend her service. Thanks again for going above and beyond my expectations"

Victor Szasz,  Owner of Go Approval


Ani S., Owner of Sense of Style

"I love my website! Most importantly, my clients love it. I always get positive feedback which is a demonstration of Celine's ability to design an apprpropriate website catered to my specific industry.


My company gets featured in many places online and in print- having a website I am proud to showcase is always such a great feeling. Thank you Celine for all your hard work!"

Shirley Law, Owner of Shirley Law Photography

"Celine knew exactly what I needed for my business. She produced a design which was tailored to my industry delivering my ideal 'wish' list. Her creative mind really contributes to the success of my business.


She always makes useful suggestions whenever I want to make updates to my page. She is very efficient in terms of getting my website done and have it uploaded online. "

Omar Hassouna, Owner of Two a Piece

"I approached Celine with a very raw idea for my eCommerce website. Most web designers would have found my expected time to completion to be unreasonable and unrealistic. Not only did Celine complete my website in the agreed upon time, she greatly surpassed all expectations in creativity, feedback, and design.


Celine’s artistic integrity serves her well as a web designer because she is able to absorb her client’s ideas vividly to produce a final product that is exactly what they envisioned. I was confident early on that I could trust Celine to make all decisions by herself because of her natural feel for, and comprehension of, the idea I tried my best to articulate to her. I highly recommend Celine to future clients interested in producing an original and extraordinary website of their own."

Helia Hashemi, Owner of Archeli Studio

"I’ve had the pleasure of working with Celine Kir in creating a website showcasing my work. She brought to the table a sophisticated taste in design and an understanding for what I needed in the layout and structure of the site. She completed her layouts and revisions in a timely manner, and always went beyond what I asked of her.


Celine displays a great sense of passion in her work and a positive attitude that made it easy to work with her. My website,, has gotten me much positive feedback, and it is bringing me new business and clients.


Celine gave my site the professional look that I wanted, and the proper exhibition of my work that I requested. I am pleased to be represented by such a well-designed and executed website. As a fully satisfied client, I am proud to recommend Celine Kir to your company."

Nadir Ali & Arman Zen, Owners of Executive Property Services

"Celine designed a website a few years ago for our start-up company that allowed us to better compete with bigger players in the property service space. 


Ever since our website went live, both the amount and quality of our clientelle improved drastically. We now are one of the leading property service providers among the GTA, hugely due to the business our website drew in. Thank you Celine for all your fantastic work!"

Aylar Mousavi, Real Estate Agent

"I've known Celine for a very long time, I always saw all the websites she launched on my news feed on Facebook that looked amazing. I knew if I ever needed a website I would go to her, and that is exactly what happened! The time and patience she takes to listen to what you want and to actually bring those things to life that in the final stage is what I loved most.


My website is everything I wanted and more, she took it to another level, I have gotten a remarkable amount of positive feedback from many friends, family members and strangers. Celine is very honest and listens to all your needs. I highly recommend Celine to anyone that wants a creative, original and appealing website."

Pino G. and Carm P., Owners of Studio Lagree (Forest Hill & King St.)

"We constantly get compliments on our website from our customers.  Celine designed a beautiful, reliable and user-friendly website for our high-end fitness studios. It was very important for us to have a web designer that both understood our brand and appropriately enforced it into our website, Celine did just that. Her creative abilities are rare and admirable; it has truly added value to our brand. She has one of those great personalities that makes her so much fun to work with, she is "of the essence"! 


Our business grew quickly; we recently expended to the USA and knew we could count on Celine to make us another kick-ass website. She helped us with all details pertaining to the website (branding, content, marketing, direction etc). We always know we can always trust Celine to make the right decisions for our business."

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