Homemade Pesto

Design Recipe

2 cups of our secret sauce

1/2 cup of clean navigation

4 lbs. user experience

2 cups of industry research

1 cup of psychology

3 cups of organic creativity



Passionate for design and human psychology from a young age, Celine Kir started designing and creating websites at the age of 16.  Celine is a User Experience Architect well versed with corporations and startups.
She is  the visionary behind all web design projects and manages all facets of strategy, design psychology and usability. With a detailed and eclectic eye for detail, she has created a company with a reputation of always exceeding clients expectations. All clients are promised to be delivered a creative and reliable solution for their business that surpass competitors and expectations.


Each Celine Kir Web Design is a work of art. We take careful consideration with each detail to paint a pleasant and appropriate picture of your company. The project will not be signed off until it meets our high standards and surpasses the expectations of our clients.

Whether you need a simple web presence or a highly creative web design, we construct custom web solutions tailored to the needs of your business.  Like a true artist, you'll always get a customized one-of-a-kind design, guaranteed. 


“our  creativity is your
competitive advantage.”

-Celine Kir


Motto: Make it unique, make it user-friendly and spark intrigue from the moment a viewer lays their eyes on the website.

We strive to ensure that all websites we build stand out from competitors within your industry. High-impact first impression is key. 

Mission: to deliver a design that impresses our clients and most importantly; impresses their own viewers. Our commitment is to work until you get a website you are proud to showcase your business with.




Celine Kir Web Design is a brand built on credibility, creative artistry and powerful first impressions.


Our former clients have noted our dedication to a fluid, concise and reliable communication throughout all the stages of the design process.


We have successfully served over 100 diverse companies with smart and engaging websites within Canada, United States and Europe.