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About Celine Kir

Today, it's hard to find a Facebook profile of a female without some form of 'modeling' picture. When I started modeling 6 years ago, my intentions were simply to extend my creative mind through another channel. I was never interested to have images captured of me reflective of Maxim Magazine. In most of my photoshoots, I have been the visionary for concepts, wardrobe, makeup style, etc. allowing me to be closely connected to all facets of the final image. I have always pushed the concept of art in each of my photoshoot collaborations. There is nothing more rewarding then executing an artistic concept and being a part of that art both conceptually and physically. 


My vision of photograpy usually includes abstract and creative influences. Anybody can take a pretty picture, but it takes true creativity and a team of passionate people to produce an image that depicts an emotion or illustrate a story. I have always believed a models appearance should only enhance the concept in the photo rather than focus on it entirely. I believe that sex appeal (when its presence is necessary) should only be used as an accessory to form as an art piece. This is the image I strive on producing with my work and collaborations. I quickly found myself mesmerized by the amount of work, detail and vision it takes to execute a creative concept. It has opened my eyes and has geared my passion towards getting into other elements of photography such as creative direction and styling of shoots.


I am currently focussing on selective projects geared specifically towards creatives, beauty, & fashion. I do not pay for photoshoots, and choose not to get compensated for participating in them unless it is a project I cannot refuse. I simply work with photographers on unique concepts for mutual portfolio advancement. I thoroughly enjoy being part of the creative process- I do more than just pose in front of your camera lens. If you'd like to collaborate, click the button bellow.

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